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1       Coaching

Dr. Nancy specialises in life and executive coaching. Life coaching involves supporting individuals' personal growth and development in areas that are not explicitly related to their workplaces. These may include specific personal goals and aligned interests. Executive coaching is focused on the professional growth and development of individuals and teams within their workplaces. Examples of executive coaching include developing emerging, middle, and senior leaders within their respective contexts, growing managers, and focusing on creating a positive workplace culture. Nancy ensures that coaching for personal and professional growth is about focused conversations underpinned by quality questions, reflective practice, and application.

2       Mentoring

As a leadership consultant and educator, Dr. Nancy’s experience and qualifications reflect the knowledge, skills, and understandings required to support individuals and teams to grow and be the best they can be. With a Ph.D. in mentoring and awards in leadership, Dr. Nancy works alongside clients (Corporate and Education sectors), providing them with the support they need to engage with their roles. 

As a Life/Group Styles Inventory and D.I.S.C facilitator, Nancy also uses psychometric tools to support individuals and teams during the coaching and or mentoring process.

3       Group workshops and training

Facilitating group workshops and training is another service provided by Dr. Nancy at Reframe WA Consulting. Her learning design process is customer-centric and enables participants to engage interactively with the concepts presented. Dr. Nancy's workshops use design thinking processes and practices based on three key learning styles. These are visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic learning. Participants are invited on a journey of exploration, understanding, application, and renewal that is highly practical and integrated with technology.

Dr. Nancy has delivered workshops for emerging, middle, and senior leaders that focus on high-performing teams, positive workplace culture, change management, and leader identity to mention a few.  Designing bespoke programs to meet the needs of individuals and teams is also a service offered by Dr. Nancy. She has created bespoke programs that include and are not limited to neuro leadership, developing self and leading others, imposter syndrome, and quality feedback.

Psychometric/Personal and Professional Growth tools


  • D.I.S.C 

  • Educator Impact

  • EQi2.0 Emotional Intelligence 

  • Life and Group Styles Inventory


Exclusive Services

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