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Purposeful participant growth

Often, after a professional learning event, people will ask:

o How was it?

o Did you learn anything new?

o Can you apply what you learned to your everyday?

An exceptional professional learning event is generally credited with facets that include:

o A credible and engaging facilitator

o Quality resource materials

o Well-designed and tailored program.

Rarely is there any comment about the participants.

This week, I was in awe of working with a fantastic group of people whose focus was to be and do better. From the first day, they were focused on wanting to support their respective teams and were open to many varied growth opportunities to reframe their thinking, being and doing. Rich conversations, vulnerable moments and leaning into the wisdom of others were just some of the outcomes of a five-day growth cycle that enabled ongoing challenges to be discussed and reviewed and new pathways forged to engage in a culture of personal and professional growth.

Thank you to #aimwa for allowing me to work with these remarkable individuals.

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