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How do you say goodbye? You do not.

This week, I facilitated workshops for Tier 1 leadership and communication cohorts. We explored the importance of understanding oneself and one’s impact on others in a time when complex environments are the norm and leadership and communication skills, are beyond critical.

Dignity, curiosity, generosity, and humility formed the four pillars upon which the programs were delivered. Defining one’s purpose and having clarity about one’s pathway to leadership reflects our character, confidence, and competence. Engaging in introspection and reflection provided the vehicle of thought bounded by a psychologically safe environment where participants posed meaningful questions and navigated a think tank of strengths, from which they designed real and relevant goals. Participants could connect with their purpose and be clear about this impact on the teams they serve and within their leadership roles.

A fantastic leader who honours the concept of purpose and impact is Dr Shaun Ridley. Shaun celebrated 38 years of service this week at the Australian Institute of Management in Western Australia (AIMWA). In his recent role as Chief Operating Officer, Shaun has grown, mentored and supported many individuals, teams, and organisations. His curiosity, generosity and humility have underpinned his insightful practices and impressive results.

As he moves on to new and exciting ventures, I want to thank him for his mentorship, friendship and wisdom. Gratias ago amice.

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