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"Culture eats strategy for breakfast"

Workplace culture. An ongoing topic for discussion in workplaces and yet with all the literature at our fingertips and ongoing investment in processes and practices to develop and sustain a positive and growth-focused workplace, why is it that culture continues to be in the top five challenges afflicting workplaces globally in the next five years? (Higginbottom, 2021)

Well, in the words of Peter Drucker "culture eats strategy for breakfast". It does not matter how stringent our processes and practices are if we cannot authentically connect with the people around us. This means that we may wish to consider learning more about ourselves and how we turn up for people. This may also mean that we consider a growth mindset underpinned by reflective and responsive practice. Equally, it may mean that we need to be led by leaders who have a genuine desire to lead and support others and not be influenced by power, financial status, and an inability to connect with their colleagues and or team members. If we are able to mitigate some of these challenges then we may have a chance at growing and supporting the people in our care, and positively contributing to a culture that inspires employees to want to stay in our organisations. Workplace culture does matter.

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